Homemade Fresh Mango Ice Cream – Eggless, without Ice-cream machine

Hello Summer!


It is scorching hot in Chennai these days. On the trump side, summer is the best time for abundant fresh, juicy and sweet fruit ! This is the time to go out and drink tons of tender coconut water, eat delicious ‘nongu'(wonder what it is in english??), gorge on mangoes, drink panagam, eat summer berries, and other fruits like juicy guavas, citrussy mosambis and oranges, etc. etc. Out of all these experiences, the one that stands out for me is the ability to eat mangoes all season around 😀 Needless to say, mango is the king of all fruits, and everyone at home, especially DH – loves mangoes to bits.


With the mango season upon us, I made up my mind to try a list of mango recipes – so that I don’t have ‘mango regret’ when the season is done 😀 So here I am officially kicking off mango season on aburstofflavor with this absolutely delicious homemade Fresh Mango Ice Cream!

I find that most mango ice creams available commercially have this chemical aftertaste in the mango flavour because its mostly artificially sweetened, which puts me off completely. This was one of the main motivations for me to try making this at home. This mango ice cream is so easy to make, and much better than anything available in the market. The first thing that hit me when I opened the ice-cream container after freezing it, was the incredible aroma of fresh mangoes. Then the silky texture of the ice cream, combined with the bursting flavour of mangoes – seriously, nothing beats homemade stuff!!



  1. 3-4 fresh, ripe alphonso or kesar variety mangoes
  2. 1 small tin condensed milk (1 cup)
  3. Whipping cream – 1.5 cups
  4. Sugar (to taste)


  1. Peel and cube mangoes into rough chunks. It is important to choose sweet mangoes like Alphonso/Kesar for this, as it imparts a beautiful orange/yellow color to the ice-cream, along with fantastic mango flavour.
  2. Pulse the mangoes in a mixer/blender, until smooth. You can even leave it slightly chunky, depending on how you want your ice-cream texture to be.
  3. Mix this mango puree with one small tin of condensed milk. Check for sweetness, add sugar if needed. (Remember that the mangoes will already be quite sweet, and we’re adding condensed milk to it, so adding extra sugar might make it super sweet- so please err on the side of caution). Set aside.


  • Meanwhile, take your whipping cream in a large mixing bowl, and whisk away, until soft peaks form. This should take about 3-4 mins if you’re using an electric whisk attachment, and 6-7 mins if you are whisking by hand.


  • Now with the help of a spatula, gently fold the mango puree-condensed milk mixture  into the whipped cream, and fold it in gently. No need to beat/stir. Just fold gently until the mixture is evenly flavoured with the puree.


  • Now, pour this mixture into a large plastic container. Tap slightly on the kitchen counter, just to release any air bubbles and even out the ice cream mixture.


  • Freeze for 8 hours, or until firm. I find that freezing 4-6 hours gives it a soft-serve gelato type consistency, and freezing overnight for 8-9 hours gives it the perfect ice-cream texture and mouthfeel.


  • Enjoy your fresh, homemade ice-cream!!


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