Corn Capsicum Masala

Hi Everyone! 🙂 I'm Sathya! You guys must know me as Nithya's sister - I'm not new to this blog, and i've already written a post here (Veg Pizza). I'm taking over this blog for a while just so that we can fill in for each other when busy, so you as readers won't see … Continue reading Corn Capsicum Masala

Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Chutney

This is a slightly unusual, but extremely tasty chutney. It breaks the monotony of having the usual coconut/tomato/onion chutneys with South indian breakfast mains like idly, dosa, upma etc. This chutney is delicious and versatile in that it has a variety of uses. Add some cream, oregano, pepper and use it as a pasta sauce, … Continue reading Red Bell Pepper (Capsicum) Chutney

Sweetcorn Chaat / Salad

Fresh, crisp and sweet kernels of sweetcorn need little to no accompaniment. At our home they are enjoyed as is happily. The most popular way to enjoy sweetcorn here is to slather butter over piping hot sweetcorn, add some salt for taste and devour 🙂 You can see such stalls in malls and the roadside, … Continue reading Sweetcorn Chaat / Salad

Pasta Primavera & Garlic bread

Primavera means 'spring'. This pasta dish is a delicious combination of penne pasta drowning in a medley of sautéed  vegetables & rich cream sauce. I like to use penne for this dish as the pipe- shaped pasta helps hold up the cream sauce and you get enough sauce  and vegetable with every bite ! 🙂 A side … Continue reading Pasta Primavera & Garlic bread