Homemade Khoya / Khova / Mawa : Step by Step

Milk gives you several by-products with varied consistencies at different stages of boiling - and a variety of sweets or savouries can be made with the resultant products.  Khoya, or Khoa, or Mawa, is basically evaporated milk solids that is prepared by boiling full cream milk over a low flame continuously over an extended period … Continue reading Homemade Khoya / Khova / Mawa : Step by Step


I'm a milk-sweet fiend. I prefer milk-based sweets, mostly bengali sweets and sweets that are creamy and nice 😀 Although I do love the occasional gulab jamoon and jalebis, I'd any day pick a sweet that is creamy and yummy over something that isn't. Halwas are an exception to this rule. I made this delicious … Continue reading Basundhi