Dyu Art Cafe (Koramangala), Bangalore- Restaurant Review

Dyu Art Café is a restaurant-café that is situated off Hosur Road, in Koramangala 5th block. It is a casual dining place, that has been gaining popularity for quite some time now. Read on to see what we felt about this beautiful café!

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Dyu Art Café offers a very relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. The whole café looks like an old mansion from the outside, but inside you almost get a resort-like feel, with small plants and flower pots arranged around the whole place and also with wooden tables and benches for seating. Book cafés are the trend at the moment, and this restaurant-café offers a small library, too, if you fancy reading or spending time alone with books. They also have paintings lined up all around, that gives it a very artistic look.


The whole place is very well lit, and they have seats on the rooftop as well. Surprisingly, this café does not offer any air conditioning. This would perfectly compliment Bangalore’s pleasant weather very well, but unfortunately we went on a very hot day, in the middle of summer. The presence of fans, however, provided some relief.

Overall, a very beautifully built café. You will surely see yourself constantly looking around and admiring its beauty while you are eating.



The menu will bring a big smile to your face instantly- they have a wide selection of mouth-watering appetizers, and pretty good options for main course as well as dessert. Dear vegetarians, their menu will definitely not leave you disappointed as they have an equal number of vegetarian options on their menu.

Image Courtesy: Dineout

The staff were very attentive and friendly. As soon as we entered, we were seated immediately. From my personal experience, I noticed that this place has always been pretty crowded every time I visited, but the staff always made sure we were seated somewhere quickly. Also, despite not having many staff, order delivery was always prompt.


Dyu Art café has so much to offer in terms of variety for food. Be it burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, or their breakfast menu which is served all day, they have a huge selection of dishes. Whether you are here to snack on something, or have a proper, full-fledged meal, they have something for you.

The first thing on our table was a common favourite- Cheddar Stuffed Mushroom. This is a dish that you will keep going back for, repeatedly. It is probably the best version of cheese balls that I have ever had. They serve this with a nice sweet chili dip, and a mayonnaise based vegetable dip. The cheese balls are so well-made, golden and crusty on the outside. Inside, is a gooey, cheese-y herb-y mushroom filling that is to die for! The chili dip has the right balance of sweet and spicy, and really cuts through the bland cheese. The mayo dip, sweet chili and the crispy cheese ball when eaten together, are definitely a match made in heaven 😀 Do not forget to give this dish a shot!


They had a huge list of hot and cold drinks to order from. I HAD to get something cold to drink as the weather was extremely hot and humid that particular day, and Cold Chocolate it was. This was perfect to sip throughout the meal. They served this with shaved chocolate on top, and it was definitely out of this world!


The next on the table was an obvious choice, a pizza. This was a Spicy Roasted Vegetable Pizza. True to its name, all the veggies were well roasted and had a nice bite to them; the pizza was well done too- it was light, quite crisp and had the right balance of cheese and other toppings, quite unlike what you would usually get in a Dominos or a Pizza Hut.


The pizza was quite filling by itself, and it can easily serve 2-3 people. It was served hot, and one could easily tell that the ingredients were fresh and of good quality.


For dessert, I ordered a Key Lime Pie. This was a slight let down, as the top cream layer was too sweet for my taste (I can eat 3-4 gulab jamoons AND drink the syrup as well :P, so you can tell it was, indeed a tad too sweet). It did have enough tartness coming from the lime, but it was still quite sickly sweet overall, in my opinion.


My cousin ordered their Baked Cheesecake. Now this was really, really good! Both of us enjoyed having this, and it was the perfect end to this meal. It had the perfect amount of sweetness, just to my cousin’s liking (she hates anything too sweet) and was baked to perfection. It was pillow-y soft and had a really nice, crunchy biscuit base.


In general, there was really no compromise in terms of food quality. It was served hot, fresh and on time. The portions offered were also generous.


Dyu art Café definitely falls under the affordable category for me. This is really good quality, tasty food, offered at a decent price point. For two people, it cost approximately Rupees 800/- and that for me, was really worth the overall experience.

This makes a great casual hangout place if you are stopping by for a quick snack, or a proper meal. The ambience of this place is very warm and homely, and you really feel welcome here. If you want to have a nice, peaceful time alone or with friends/family accompanied with great, tasty food at a good price, then Dyu Art Café is the place for you. I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Have you been to Dyu Art Café? How was your experience? Let us know! 🙂

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