Hi – welcome to my blog !

This is a space to document & share my love for all things food.  Hunger is a universal affectation and food its sole medicine. I hope to share & learn with fellow foodies and budding cooks, recipes and ideas for fulfilling and comforting food. Food that transcends borders and creates a warmth in your heart. Although the mainstay at our home happens to be traditional South Indian vegetarian food, I love experimenting with different ingredients and cuisines, so you will find recipes from all over the globe here (albeit vegetarian only!).

I am not a meticulous cook; I rely on instinct and approximation. I am not exacting with my measurement of spices, and I don’t strictly follow any recipe to the ‘t’. I trust my instincts, use aroma and taste to guide me, and tweak the recipe around to suit my tastes. I am also a lazy cook – I like recipes that are hassle free, and do not involve elaborate preparations. I am prepared to exert a certain amount of effort for a recipe, but I’m certainly not happy if its laborious – I would probably just lose interest halfway.

I love the bright colours and smells of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs & spices. A bunch of fresh green coriander would make me very, very happy. I love to feed people, and I’m really glad when I get the chance to satiate someone’s hunger through my cooking.
India is such a diverse country that holds so many different cuisines – you have something new to learn everyday. You never run out of things to cook, there’s something new to challenge you everytime. All that is needed is an open mind, and genuine interest to experiment.
I do hope that you try out these recipes in your kitchen. I’d be glad if you enjoy making them and eating them as much as i do !!

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